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See below information regarding some of our frequently asked questions.



Medicare Claims

After paying for your visit with the doctor, if you have Medicare then you are able to claim a rebate.

Our service includes transmitting electronically your Medicare claim and a deposit can be made into your bank account (usually overnight).

We can provide a printout at the time of your visit. 

It is important to check that your details are correct with Medicare for a smooth claiming process.

Private Health Fund Claims

Patients who do not have Medicare often have a private health fund. We will supply you with an itemized invoice/receipt which you need to forward to your fund for your rebate amount.

Claiming Vaccinations or Medical Items

Whilst Medicare does not provide rebates for vaccinations or medical items, often Private Health Funds do with Extras level of cover.

Each fund is unique so we ask that you check with your own health fund.

We will provide a separate invoiced receipt at the time of payment which you can send to your Private Health Fund for claiming of vaccines etc given here.

Ask the doctor at the end of your consultation about your results process and when to expect the results to be available.  Different results have different wait periods.

Your doctor will either ask you to return for an appointment  to discuss the results discussion or alternatively, to ring the clinic for a "result message" written by the doctor.

PH: 9650 4218        Email:

In virtually all situations, review of your medical condition is necessary before a repeat prescription is written.

Typically the doctor needs to check your blood pressure or check that there are no side effects before they are able to prescribe your repeat medications.

In special circumstances this may not apply ( e.g. lost prescription) and a small fee may be charged for the service.

Please allow 24 hours before collection as there are time restraints with the doctors seeing patients.

Also note that for ongoing care, many prescriptions have repeats (e.g. 5 repeats = 6 months of a prescription).

It is important that you check when your last repeat occurs.

Please book at least a week before your medication runs out. Often the doctors are fully booked for days ahead and it helps us if you are able to book in advance for repeat medications.

After Hours Care for Current Patients

Your ongoing care is important to us.

Whilst our doctors aim to have a treatment plan in place, sometimes urgent unexpected matters can occur.

Please call our clinic on 9650 4218 for an After Hours message which will explain the options to assist you.

For all life threatening situations it is recommended that you call 000 and ask for ambulance.

For other urgent or semi-urgent matters please phone our clinic on 9650 4218.

Sometimes we will need you to explain the nature of the emergency.

It is very important that we get information in order to work out what is the next best step
e.g. go straight to hospital, book you in with the doctor here urgently or recommend steps prior to seeing a doctor here etc.

We do NOT recommend patients email the clinic for urgent or semi urgent problems, as we do not access emails instantly.

For non-urgent problems, current patients of the clinic can email:

Consultations with a psychologist can attract a Medicare rebate.

However you first need an Initial Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP)
and referral letter from your GP. This requires a ½ hour consult with the GP.

Our GPs are happy to assist and have the information to get you started.

Please state you need an Initial Mental Health Treatment Plan when booking if this is your intention and request a ½ hour appointment.

At the end of your initial visit here you and your GP will have a written plan and referral.

Your GP may recommend between 1 to 6 sessions with a psychologist.
These sessions will attract a Medicare rebate, please check with your psychologist for their individual rates.

When you have used your recommended sessions, if you need more Medicare rebated sessions you need to return to your GP here for review.

This review appointment can be booked as a regular 15 minute consult.

At that consult you seek agreement from your GP that another group of sessions are recommended.

Please note that 10 sessions per calendar year is the maximum number of sessions for attracting a Medicare rebate with your psychologist.

At the end of the calendar year if you have unused sessions from your GP referral they can carry over into the next calendar year.

You and your psychologist will need to keep track of the number of sessions you have used in the calendar year and the number used since your last GP referral.

Due to the complexity of the above arrangement feel free to discuss the Medicare rulings and arrangements with our Practice Manager, Leona.

It is strongly suggested that you also communicate with your psychologist regarding costs and Medicare rebates.

Referrals to Podiatrists, Physios, Dieticians etc

Chronic Disease Management (formerly EPC) Referral

Consultations with some allied health providers can attract a Medicare rebate under certain circumstances as outlined by the Department of Health 2014

You may be eligible if you meet the criteria as explained by the Department of Health as follows:

A chronic medical condition is one that has been (or is likely to be) present for six months or longer, for example, asthma, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, musculoskeletal conditions and stroke. There is no list of eligible conditions; however, it is for patients who require a structured approach, including those requiring ongoing care from a multidisciplinary team.

When you are seeing a doctor here your medical conditions and care needs will be assessed and it will be worked out if you meet the guidelines set by Medicare.

Once found to be eligible, a plan will be documented which will include the other health care providers involved in your treatment. A special referral for Chronic Disease Management will be sent to the allied health provider (previously an EPC referral but now called a CDM referral).

This enables you to claim a Medicare rebate or Medicare funded visit with your allied health provider.

The maximum of number of visits for each patient is 5 per calendar year.

Please check with your allied health provider as to the system they use with Medicare once you have your referral from the doctor here.