Fee Guide

Fee Guide


EFTPOS, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX accepted for in-person consultations.

Visa, MasterCard, AMEX accepted for phone and telehealth consultations.

A fee of 50% applies for < 2 hours notice of cancellation or changes.


  • The doctors here require a Face2Face consultation at least 12 monthly for your all-important medical check.  
  • Scripts and referrals without a consultation typically cost $20 (a higher fee may apply to complex requests)
  • Your script requests without a consultation can be done in the period before your 12-month visit is due but not after
  • We electronically send your Medicare Claim (m/c) immediately for your payment to go into your bank account

What you can expect:

  Standard Consult for your 15-minute booking (Items 23, 91800, 91891 apply)

  $105 fee - $41.40 (medicare refund) m/c = $63.60 out of pocket 

  Sometimes a standard consult will go for a longer time. See below.

  Long Consult   We suggest a 30-minute booking  (Items 36; 91801; 91900 apply).

   Fees are typically charged for the time your consultation takes, including note-taking, referrals etc.
  @ 21 mins  $132/$145 fee - $80.10 m/c = $51.90/$64.90 out of pocket
  @ 25 mins  $168 fee - $80.10 m/c = $87.90 out of pocket
  @ 30 mins  $198 fee - $80.10 m/c = $117.90 out of pocket
  @ 36 mins  $225 fee - $80.10 m/c = $144.90 out of pocket

Skin cancer checks for new patients usually need a long consult.  Repeat visits by patients may find a standard consult is sufficient.

Procedures for removal of skin cancers have a range of fees according to complexity.  Your trained doctor will inform you at your skin cancer check appointment or when your diagnosis is discussed. 


GP management plans with Allied Health referrals for 5 Medicare claimable sessions with your physio, podiatrist etc are billed to Medicare.  This means there are no out-of-pocket costs for you.


Mental Health Care Consults with referrals to Psychologists.

Your initial consult with your GP is important and Medicare provides a higher rebate every 12 months for your plan.

20-30 minute Mental health care plans including referrals range between $122 - $168 with your medicare rebate = $100.20

Your out-of-pocket costs range between $21.80 - $67.80.

If you need review appointments during the 12 month period, these are typically charged similar to our standard consults.


The less common fees are:

@ 40 mins+ for your extended consult. (Items 44; 91802; 91910 apply).  Please ask your doctor or our practice manager for more information.
  Also a brief consult may occur when you are quickly in and out. For example, $52 - $18.95 m/c = $33.05 out of pocket for a brief consultation, at your drs discretion.

 ** Please note this list is a guide only. Each dr here decides their own fees. Generally, each doctor's fees are time based, including asking you questions (taking a history), listening and discussing with you, examination, referrals after agreeing on options, and writing up your notes etc.

As a registered medical practitioner, each doctor follows the Medicare Benefits Schedule eg Item 23, Item 36 etc.
Additional treatments have separate fees with details available at Reception.