WE ARE OPEN! Giving care since 1980 

You can visit the doctor during Stage 4 restrictions & travel more than 5 kms for care

Book a time for a phone consult or come in to see your doctor.

The choice is yours!           

   P: 9650 4218   

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Appointments Monday to Friday from 8am throughout the day                          

Our clinic promotes safety

  • Our waiting room is arranged so you can maintain social distancing plus hand sanitiser & masks

Your best defence is to stay healthy

  • Have your regular blood tests.  Keep up-to-date.
  • Phone us for your script. Then we can email it to your nominated pharmacy.
  • Pathology tests are right next door with our friendly nurse
  • We can email your path form to your personal email address
  • Mental health consults by phone or F2F are both available - you can now claim 20 sessions with a pyschologist in one year.  Ring or email us to find out more.

One of the reasons you can leave home is to seek medical care    

Contact us with any of your health questions and needs. 

 Phone: 9650 4218         
Book Now Online

Email: manager@cpmc.com.au  


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